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PaaS for BIM

Project as a Service, the latest phenomenon in delivering sophisticated BIM services. Without compromising on the quality standards of construction, high quality 3D BIM models present a wide array of potential solutions to increase the value of architectural and engineering work.

BIM models and Facility Management

Building information modeling does not stop at construction. It goes far beyond construction parameters by incorporating sustainability of a building into the virtual BIM and utilizing it for Facility Management purposes.

Benefits of BIM

By utilizing BIM in a proper way, it benchmarks the technical expertise and precision acquired with the help of 3D models to have an overview of what the vision would turn out to be when constructed. With BIM, here is where the real benefits are for the Architects and Engineers.

Team and Technology

BIMhub™ utilizes multi-disciplinary processes and ROI oriented performance that optimize a project right from its conceptualization to its fulfillment. Our services are ideal for Developers to utilize trough out the entire project life cycle.

Interoperability & Design-Build

The true benefits of BIM can only be achieved by using the latest available technology combined with experienced experts working in teams. It is only then a construction project can be built-as-designed and without budget overruns.

BIM Server &Team Work

With BIMmanager™ we offer clients a real-time live BIM server environment for project collaboration in order to obtain fluent and seamless work related communication. This is the perfect environment for Consultants to add expertise to the BIM.

BIM for Budget Management

Outlining the financial and operational tasks of a construction project is another part of plan formulation. Accurate bill of quantities, site planning and Construction Management for Contractors is as important as the visualization of a structure in order to achieve cost effective results.

Project Development and Delivery

BIMhub™ services are amplifying the effect BIM has on construction projects. Through a sophisticated project platform and server based BIM platform, we provide structured and timely deliveries on all projects.


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