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CAD-supported digital imaging technology has resolved issues related to accuracy and speed in architectural design development. Digital tools have empowered architects to develop simulated 3D models which act as virtual prototypes of the building design. Integrating CAD formats into the BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology provides a high-end platform for construction project management. To advance this digital revolution towards building a comprehensive building construction and management tool, collaboration is a prerequisite. This is made possible by sharing the BIM project through a dedicated BIM server.

BIMhub offers dedicated webserver space for client projects to provide a highly collaborative and traffic-free environment for data exchange. BIMhub WebServer service aids design and communication during the construction phase. Post-construction it coordinates maintenance processes carried out by facility managers.

How it Works

Simply put, a webserver acts as a consolidated memory space that holds crucial information related to the BIM project. The core idea behind the deployment of webserver is to provide a centralized platform for the exchange of data in a client-server network model. Unlike file server, which allows file sharing, a webserver provides a collaborative environment for real-time interaction and data validity.

Integration of the WebServer space with BIM technology eliminates the harmful effects of a static working environment, with no collaboration between different parties involved in the construction or maintenance of the building project. However, it offers the flexibility in selecting which information will be shared and which information will only be persevered in digital format but not shared.


WebServer is a crucial component to maximize the benefits of BIM technology. It will act as a single entity to consolidate CAD tools, web-based data exchange, third-party web services and BIM project files. One of the key characteristics of BIMhub WebServer services is that the building model behaves as a live entity which allows the user-friendly sharing of data through client applications. Also, a live server can aid facility maintenance with automatic upgrades as per pre-designated schedules. It can record and manage data related to inventory management, area management and energy management.

WebServer enhances the interoperability of the BIM platform. It allows you to access data from both Windows and Mac OS. You can also move data easily between different BIM-supported software and process it.

Your Edge

BIMhub WebServer guarantees high-level coordination across different departments involved in building construction and maintenance. It streamlines facility management process through:

  • Building data analysis
  • Creating evaluation reports
  • Developing plans based on concrete report findings
  • Ease of access to BIM data including virtual models, documents and
  • Traffic-free collaborative environment
  • Ability to interact in real-time

Working with Us

With a high end interactive point to store and access data, BIMhub WebServer provides a cutting edge over your competitors. Our extensive range of BIM services aims to streamline tasks involved in building construction and facility management. Delivering quality at an affordable price, BIMhub is the key to successful building project management.

Our expert services are augmented with:

  • Highly qualified BIM professionals
  • High level customer support
  • BIM Studio & BIM Audit Concept


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