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Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology has not only facilitated planning and construction phases in the real estate industry, it has also provided solutions for effective facility management. TrueFMTM offers specialized building maintenance tools as a part of facility management. It aims to streamline processes related to the management and operation of a facility. Facility managers can use the information documentation system deployed by BIM technology to coordinate maintenance tasks and prepare cost estimations. TrueFM services can manage large assignments as well as singular tasks such as cleanliness or repairing.

How it works

TrueFMTM maintains the facilities by virtually storing all the data of the building – geometric, dimensional data as well as alpha-numeric data – in a database. All the data is then linked to represent the entire building model along with the internal equipment and facilities. This database maintains everything from construction plans to furnishing decisions. In case of any discrepancies, the maintenance management reminds the architects to meet the differences.


Your project is maintained by TrueFMTM on the BIM platform. This service formulates a complete virtual model depicting facility maintenance tasks and assignments for your BIM model. It is developed as per your project requirements and delivered in the desired format. Maintenance management includes the following:

  • Building equipment – All technical equipment can be graphical visualized on the BIM platform to depict their functionality and location.
  • Maintenance jobs – Maintenance tasks are charted out clearly to demonstrate the time and resource requirement.
  • Task status – Maintenance management visualizes the status of the tasks, i.e. whether they have been completed or are still open.
  • Evaluation facility – TrueFM maintenance facilitates analysis of various components and preparing reports.

Your edge

With BIMhub you can develop and construct a building as well as operate and maintain it. TreuFMTM gives you a distinct edge with maintenance management services. It permits you to manage space, track assets and maintain facilities. The maintenance of a building is a much more expensive and time consuming phase during the entire process. The following advantages can be achieved with the TrueFM maintenance management system:

  • Enhanced interoperability among computer-aided designs, software systems and engineers.
  • Interpretation of space and room data.
  • Rapid distribution of maintenance data-exchange, thereby saving time.
  • Consolidation of data from numerous sources.
  • Help in creating work orders and enabling feedback evaluation and reporting.

Working with us

Maintenance of a facility is an ongoing assignment. The lack of maintenance strategies can hamper your project in terms of ROI. TrueFMTM services, as a part of BIMhub, offers an effective facility maintenance environment that maximizes the benefits of BIM technology. Our technology experts customize TrueFM services as per your project needs.

Our expert services are augmented with:

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