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Facility Management

BIM technology was developed to automate the construction process and data gathering techniques used by architects, engineers and site managers. This technology calls for the proper documentation of data to streamline the workflow. This has come as a boon for facility management firms. Traditionally, facility managers have to invest months of effort to document details pertaining to a building. However with BIM, they have instant access to the wealth of information required to carry out their tasks.

How it Works

Facility management services, as offered by BIMhub, aim to create a centralized and collaborative environment to allow data exchange through 3D interactive modeling. The idea is to link 3D building models with master database that contains all the essential information related to the building design and maintenance. By integrating web-enabled monitoring and updating capabilities, the functionality acts as a premium service for facility managers.

BIMhub empowers architectural endeavors with TrueFM™. Simplifying data exchange through web-based services, TrueFM offer major benefits in deploying life-cycle operations for a building. Powered by 3D modeling, it arranges data related to the building in a directory format. This approach aims to provide detailed information about every component, including doors, windows and footings, at different layers of the building. Apart from structural information, TrueFM facility management services provide immediate access to documented information, such as licenses, vendor detail, procurement details, the expiry date and maintenance schedules.

Your Edge

BIMhub specializes in developing high-resolution 2D and 3D models as per your project requirements. With TrueFM™, you can add extensive details about every component in the virtual model of the building. Your project enjoys added advantage with:

  • Ability to assign tasks to facility management personnel.
  • Add personal information and contact details about vendors, contractors and site managers.
  • Maintenance budget planning and estimation.
  • Preparing reports related to building construction, usage and maintenance in quick time.
  • Helps in strategizing the optimum utilization of area available in a building.
  • Data consolidation across different phases of facility management.
  • Sharing management data and task list with all the involved parties.
  • Door and key management.
  • Optimize energy consumption throughout the building.

Working with Us

Facility management is an essential constituent for the long-term success of a building project. As a leading provider of BIM services, BIMhub has experience to develop and integrate facility management applications as per clients' requirements. Providing a one-stop shop for BIM applications, BIMhub has created a niche in the construction and facility management industry. Our BIM experts go the extra mile to analyze your information needs and provide customized solutions to facility management.

Our expert services are augmented with:

  • Highly qualified BIM professionals
  • High level customer support
  • BIM Studio & BIM Audit Concept


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