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Building Information Modeling (BIM) has revolutionized the way buildings are designed and constructed across the globe. However, post-construction management offered by BIM technology is equally impressive. Facility management services are deploying BIM models and web server integration mechanisms to streamline post-construction operations and maintenance tasks.

To consolidate information related to the facilities of a building, BIMhub™ introduces facility management services with TrueFM™. It is a premium service that allows the rapid tracking of maintenance tasks via integrated data exchanged model. As an extension of TrueBIM™, this service enables the management of:

  • Building components, such as windows and doors
  • Furniture
  • Technical facilities within the building
  • The workforce

How it Works

Based on the designs prepared by architects, BIM experts prepare simulated building models through 3D convert technology. Information related to facility management and maintenance is stored in these models via a consolidated database. This database contains information pertaining to the building construction, the internal facilities and maintenance.

Interoperability is the biggest concern in relation to building data management. To facility rapid data exchange across different platforms, the database is linked to the BIM web server, which allows architects and engineers to access and update this information during the construction process. Post construction, the facility management provider can benefit from this database and streamline their operations.

While offering a consolidated data submission and access point, TrueFM™ provides the following technical solutions for your facility operation and maintenance requirements:

Facility management and maintenance requires constant attention beginning from the initial phase of the project life cycle. TrueFM™ facilitates the easy vigilance of various aspects of the building, powered by the TrueFM web server. This service empowers facility management with the following tools:

  • High resolution illustrations, wireframes and models
  • Chronological demonstration of building components
  • Inventory management
  • Energy management
  • Cleaning management
  • Move management

Your edge

TrueFM™ gives you a definite edge over competition with state-of-the-art facility management tools.  All the facility management data is made available on the TrueFM web server for ease of accessibility. With all these tools and facilities in place, you achieve:

  • Cost-effective inventory management
  • Easier maintenance budget planning
  • Increased efficiency with superior coordination
  • Easier benchmarking
  • Better management of individual projects
  • Easy summarizing and reporting to other members
  • Optimal area utilization
  • 2D and 3D illustrations for contingency plans

Working with us

TrueFM™ is one of the many services offered by BIMhub™ to facilitate a holistic approach towards building construction and management. With all the tools and software at your service, the turnaround period shrinks. A higher ROI can also be expected with:

  • Cost-effective services
  • Efficient and skilled professionals to overlook the entire project
  • Effective support 24X7

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