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Structural BIM

Building information Modeling (BIM) has brought about a paradigm shift in producing drawings for architectural constructions. No longer do architects and engineers think of designing and drafting in 2D. All possible construction items are now generated in one single model. BIM, combining the Architectural, Structural and MEP services, is approaching a new world, where all probable issues that cause delays in construction projects will get drastically minimized.

Structural BIM exhibits real-time design scenarios that aid structural engineers to make better decisions and reduce design errors in order to fit a specific project's sustainability goals.

How it Works

Engineers begin with structural designing and detailing. This is a crucial part of the construction process as design and steel dimensions determine the strength and power of a building structure. The stages of structural BIM then continue in this way:

Construction /working drawings – These represent a building along with a sequential description of every construction phase. Working drawings include structural framing plans, section details, schedules and other details.

Preparation of 3D models – For each building structure, BIM engineers create three variants of 3D models developed by architects – concrete, steel and wood. This is done to provide exact information about the building material required for construction. The preparation of 3D models facilitates the streamlining of the complete workflow, beginning with sales, cost estimation, conceptual design, detailing, fabrication and erection. This process also allows the analysis and comparison of the adoption strategies of pre-cast concrete buildings.


3D modeling increases productivity by effectively detailing the construction processes and the design model. Since BIM easily combines the pre-cast concrete structure with the other building materials – steel and reinforced concrete, it supports efficient project management and collaboration through the complete building value chain. Additionally, it offers shop drawings services of structural steel components, windows, appliances, air handling units and elevators. Installation shop drawings are also made available for sheet metal ductwork, plumbing, piping and fire protection.

Your Edge

With structural BIM services, your edge lies in judging the quantity of material required accurately. The cost estimates for construction planning also became precise. This technique offers the benefits of clash detection and risk mitigation by removing any internal incongruence before the construction project commencement. BIM also helps to create parametric families of the structural building components, which act as intelligent libraries.

Working with Us

With structural BIM, we eliminate most of the inefficiencies of construction practices and, at the same time, improve information transference at all phases of a project's life. We judge our success through our customer's benefits.

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