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The 3D models of all construction projects are integrated into the BIM technology, which facilitates multiple-angle viewing. In today's competitive business environment when the drive is towards greater efficiency and integration, MEP BIM has proven to be a boon in order to reduce turnaround time in building projects. Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) Engineering services can now be systematically and meticulously analyzed as well as corrected, in case of any inadvertent mistakes in the procedure.

How it works

After the building designs are made in CAD, it is incorporated into BIM so as to get a detailed idea about project. The most important factors which are determined include the quality of work, the cost estimates and the amount of time required for completion. In case of MEP BIM, it offers a three-pronged overview:

The Mechanical engineering part offers insight into the 3D modeling of heating-cooling system design. It also depicts the plant room layout design as well as the duct layout drawings.

The Electrical system offers electrical schematics – electrical, power and lightning layouts into a virtual 3D model.

The Plumbing and drainage services, with the help of isometrics and riser diagrams, show the design of domestic water plumbing and gas piping system, and fire protection system design into a virtual 3D model.


Since the technology details all aspects of a construction project, with MEP BIM, you can get the accurate 3D model of the HVAC system, duct sizing and equipment piping layout, in case of the mechanical system.

For the plumbing system, you can get sanitary, plumbing and drainage designs, locating and coordinating pipe sleeve requirements, specifying sanitary fixtures, determining water supply and wastewater collection system are some of the benefits offered.

The electrical system offers an elaborate view of the electrical and power site plans, panel schedules and distribution panels.

Your Edge

With this technology, you can enjoy triple-pronged benefits – pre-construction, design and fabrication benefits. MEP BIM allows the owner to analyze the proposed facilities and evaluate the feasibility of the project. The technology offers accurate and reliable information about every material and object used, including energy efficiency and day-lighting. Additionally, it offers a realistic, real-time design setting which delineates how the building will benefit from all the facilities.

Through this kind of visualization, both cost estimates and budget-control become easy. The technology supports collision detection that will help in drastically reducing errors usually made by the design and construction team. BIM functions on a digital database; any design alterations made to the database gets reflected throughout the drawing. A finalized construction model offers accurate information about incorporated systems, serving as a useful start point for managing the building.

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With BIMhub, we can do away with several inefficiencies that infiltrate a construction project, at the same time reducing the building completion time. What sets us apart from the crowd is our ability to think ahead and judge future needs. Once we learn of our clients' requirements, we reflect the same ambition through our work ethics. Innovation and surpassing client expectations are our hallmarks and we have pledged to stand by them in every aspect of life.

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