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BIM Quality Control

The BIM quality control mechanism facilitates the analysis of 3D models in order to check integrity, quality as well as physical safety of the designs. While BIM technology offers easy visualization along with virtual walk-through functionality, the quality control services highlight potential flaws or weaknesses in designing. Additionally, it reveals the clashing parts and ensures that the 3D model conforms to the construction codes and the organization's best practices.

BIMhub quality control tools are being employed extensively by building owners, construction companies and engineering firms as they help to add great value to the project's lifecycle.

How it Works

After a CAD design is incorporated into BIM, it offers a comprehensive, meticulous picture of the building design and space. Architects and engineers deliver cost-effective 3D models for clients to check the building design against the program requisites. At this point of time, construction companies draw up cost estimates and the facility management analyses the material lifecycle and maintainability. BIM quality control services facilitate clash detection and 3D model checking by effectively inspecting, identifying and reporting the interference of any clashes between the different 3D objects.


BIMhub facilitates the checking and analyzing of the construction project design. The quality control service offered by BIMhub makes the design procedure more productive. It highlights and classifies design issues in three categories based on its severity. It enables users to chalk out customized rules in order to check the model. Space measurement and quantity takeoff with accurate cost estimations are also possible due to BIM quality control services.

Due to improved efficiency and elimination of mistakes at an early stage of the project's life, quality check services enable a minimum saving of 30% on construction costs. In this way, it will accelerate BIM benefits, attain tangible savings, apart from strictly adhering to IFC standards.

Your Edge

With BIM control quality services, your building project attains an edge in several ways:

  • You can save on construction costs by noticeably decreasing design and related flaws.
  • You can chalk out accurate cost estimates.
  • Quality checks save a significant amount of time in architectural designing.
  • It saves effort through the automated quantity takeoff procedure.
  • You get the benefit of a transparent and reliable planning process.

All in all, BIM control quality services reduce the risks involved in the construction pilot projects.

Working with Us

The vantage point that you will enjoy with BIMhub is our ability to customize the latest technology as per your requirements. Recognizing that technology is advancing at an unimaginable pace and that which today is called state-of-the-art, will tomorrow become obsolete, we have established a team that can move ahead of its time. Additionally, we understand the value addition of our associates much better than our competition. Our company in based on integrity and we have always believed in challenging the conventional. Innovation and client satisfaction are our company goals and we abide by these in every walk of life.

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