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BIM Objects

Since its inception, Building Information Modeling (BIM) has quickly replaced CAD as the most preferred design technology for the architectural community. BIM, as a 3D modeling mechanism, is founded on the usage of objects which reflect the accurate measurements and real-world behavior of products within a building.

BIM objects are digital demonstrations of the real-world construction elements, including walls, doors, windows, slabs, beams, columns and ceiling systems. Along with the object representation comes the geometrical information, detailing the shape and dimensions, specifications and behavior.

How it Works

When a client hands over a construction project to a modeling vendor, the architect first concentrates on designing the building in 2D. After this, the 2D figures are integrated into 3D BIM in order to give the client a photorealistic picture of the project. The high quality, customized and reusable BIM objects prove an enabling factor for all successful BIM-specific projects. It facilitates clients and architects to make comprehensive and practical estimations of the material appearance, quality, quantity and costs.


Since BIM facilitates all construction information in a digital database and represents the building elements in a 3D geometry, the technology has become the substratum of visualization study, building designs, analysis and simulation. With high quality BIM objects, you will be able to attain three essential factors:

  • Visual Representation – Accurate representation of buildings in 3D is the very foundation of BIM. This factor ensures precise demonstration of the products too. The basic plan and the elevation views are projected on a realistic scale.
  • Embedded BIM Object Information – BIM objects embed and associate the crucial product information to the object. BIM objects necessarily include CSI Codes, insulation R-Values and assembly numbers.
  • Modeling Techniques – The BIM objects are parametric in nature, in the sense that they comply to a set of modification rules so that when one part of the object is altered, the other part gets changed automatically. For instance, when a door size changes, the frame will get adjusted automatically.

Your Edge

Since BIM supports automatic modification mechanism, the additional effort required to manually make related changes to each object is eliminated. With the realistic depiction of parts, judging the need to make alterations also becomes easier. The reduction in the amount of effort, leads to a marked drop in the completion time of the construction project as well as the costs involved in virtually designing and then materializing the design.

Working with Us

BIMhub offers comprehensive competitive designing, analysis and reports to customers all over the world. The technology tends to eliminate inefficiencies that creep into long-term construction projects. The most important trait that distinguishes us from our competition is our capacity to think ahead of the times and gauge our clients' needs accurately. Once we realize our client's goals, we focus all our efforts and leave no stones unturned to surpass their expectations every step of the project lifecycle.

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