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Architecture BIM

BIM is not just a technology implementation process; it is an innovative style of addressing the entire construction process. It facilitates a reliable, digital depiction of a building for design decision making, construction planning, performance predictions as well as cost estimates.

BIMhub TrueBIM™ combines 3 services – Architectural, Structural and MEP – which enable a comprehensive view of a pre-construction building model. Architecture BIM outlines the design scope, prices, quantities and properties of the construction components. Since it accurately exhibits the building sequencing possibility, architects, engineers and customers can observe the project precisely, instead of just envisioning the development plan's potential.

How it works

Architects create the building design through CAD-supported software for streamlining the design process. The design is then converted into 3D visual images and the visualization happens through:

Modeling: The design model represents each detail with great precision and makes it possible for you to see the design concept with clarity, examine its high and low points efficiently and remove flaws to ensure a perfect building design.

Rendering: The models are metamorphosed into virtual realities which allow clients and engineers to have a near real-life sight of the building. The rendering process involves giving a correct picture of the ambient atmosphere, including lighting, color texture, shadows as well as the landscape, vegetation and roads.

Animation: This involves virtual walkthrough services in order to analyze the building and campus, offering an in-depth understanding of the several aspects. Layout, angles, interior lengths and breadths, natural lighting on objects inside rooms, landscaping, fences, roads as well as vehicles are some of the things that can be analyzed.


Architecture BIM services will offer you a complete virtual tour of the construction. Not only do you get a view of the exterior and interior of the building, you also have adequate information about the:

  • quantity of materials
  • cost estimation
  • time schedules according to the sequence of activities
  • area charts for building lifecycle management

Your Edge

Architecture BIM service aids design coordination via clash detection in order to resolve internal conflicts between gears and activities at the pre-construction phase. This, in turn avoids costlier errors from happening during the construction phase. Thus, this tool can help you to mitigate the risk factors prior to commencing on construction projects.

This service also generates parametric families of the different building components, which acts as intelligent libraries. There is a centralized library for components, including windows, doors and grills, according to the design and specifications.

Working with Us

By working with BIMhub, we can ensure you of a quick turnaround time and quality service delivery. With the detailing offered by this technology, you can easily reduce error scope and improve on cost. We have with us professionals who have worked with this technology since its very inception. Due to this kind of in-depth knowledge, we are able to provide high quality, focused services, according to individual client requirements.

Our expert services are augmented with:

  • Highly qualified BIM professionals
  • High level customer support
  • BIM Studio & BIM Audit Concept


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