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Architectural and engineering companies have come a long way since the time construction planning was dependent on drawings. Modern technology has not only facilitated digital profiling for proposed buildings, but has also provided a collaborative system to manage construction workflow. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is one such technology that facilitates construction project management through accurate designing, reduced errors and quick turnaround time.

TrueBIMTM is a service, provided through BIMhubTM, which enables planning and development of virtual models. TrueBIM fulfills all the requirements of architectures and engineers related to full-scale project documentation and lifecycle modeling.

How It Works

TrueBIMTM offers a comprehensive workflow management system for your construction project. Powered by effective tools developed according to client needs, it helps in integrating operational procedures from the inception of the project to final delivery. Project proposals can be analyzed, simulated and modified quickly, thus allowing for innovative solutions. The environmental performance can be predicted accurately and lifecycle costs understood more comprehensively. Construction errors arising from design changes are also grossly reduced.

With TrueBIM™ it becomes very easy for construction and designing units to share information and add value very easily. Your project will be handled by experts in the field of BIM technology. They provide customized tools for the effective planning and coordination of construction project. This will enable smooth execution at every stage and foster the comprehensive tracking of measurable results.

Your Edge

TrueBIM™ would carry all information connected with the building – physical and functional uniqueness and life cycle information – in a sequential pattern. For instance, if the data about an AC unit has to be created, TrueBIM would contain information on the supplier, functioning, maintenance procedures, and clearance requisites. TrueBIM would provide:

Design coordination: Comprehensive detailing of the designing phase, which would include structural, architectural, mechanical, electrical, plumbingand civil models, all combined in the model, aiding easy reviewing by all.

Project scheduling: The model elements are attached to the program and material tracking is utilized to any level required.

Information: It has all the information possible. Models are databases. They are loaded with information. One can pull out any information from it, in almost any format one wants to use.

Working with Us

We understand the need for quick turnaround time and high quality service delivery. With the level of detailed approach allowed by the TrueBIMTM model, it covers all the facets of architecture and engineering to facilitate profitable construction projects. The quantity of material to be used and the cost of projects can be developed at the very start. With changes, the quantity factor is automatically updated. The system brings together the engineer and the contractor and has them interacting in the early phases of designing. This, in turn, facilitates good design solutions and offers realistic construction constraints.

sample-project-sample-image.jpgE-BLOC is a sprawling BPO complex located in the heart of Asia Town, Cebu City, Philippines. The 11 storey 27,000 sq.m. structure provides a one-of-a-kind business experience with its uniquely designed exterior and lavish common areas. Combining the business savvy experience with Cebu's laid back feel. E-Bloc stands as a testament to Cebu's ever growing business district.

BIM Benefits

Utilizing TrueBIM™ for projects there are great benefits in terms of saved time in the project design and planning phase. With our unique BIM Audit process the BIM model is up-to-date at all times and checked for clashes between arcitectural, structural and MEP diciplines.

All buildings developed with TrueBIM™ Services are coordinated with the highest possible precission for the construction of Design-Built projects.

We recommend TrueBIM™ Services for:

  • Architects
  • Structural Engineers
  • MEP Engineers
  • Contractors
  • Developers

Download the Sample Project for TrueBIM™ Services from the download center

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