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Digital technology has added the element of dynamism and urgency in global markets. In a cut-throat market scenario, it is crucial to have a definite edge over competitors through the incorporation of the latest technological advancements. This market mantra holds valid in all industries, including construction.

No longer do architects and planners have to restrict their visualization, in terms of construction planning, in the absence of effective tools to represent it. Digital technologies, such as BIM (Building Information Modeling) have paved the way for high resolution virtual representations through Computer-Aided Design (CAD). Powered by high resolution graphics, qualified details and 3-D modeling interface, digitalized designs lend efficiency to the construction process.

How it Works

DigitalizerTM services, offered through the BIM interface, offer a comprehensive platform for construction project management. Geared with effective tools, it allows architects and designers to convert hand-drawn and digital images into CAD-supported format, which can be integrated with virtual models. The array of services available through DigitalizerTM includes:

  • Paper to CAD conversion
  • PDF, TIFF, JPEG or BMP to CAD conversion
  • Hand sketches to CAD conversion
  • Scanned Documents to CAD conversion
  • CAD redrafting and conversion (the process involves manual tracing of the images and drawing these using BIM software then converting it into 2D CAD format)


Digitalizing is possible for a large variety of drawings, such as architectural, landscape and engineering drawings. All conversions need to be precise and detailed because the designs involve a lot of measurements and calculations. Needless to say, all your projects are handled by expert CAD system operators in order to eliminate the risk of error. The major advantages that come with DigitalizerTM are:

  • Modifications made easy: Once the documents are digitalized, it becomes exceedingly simple to edit, modify, manipulate and store them.
  • Accurate representation: CAD services enable you to view your idea exactly the way it will look like after completion. From spatial arrangements to lighting and shadows, everything can be produced with great precision.

Your Edge

The ROI matrix for a construction project is highly dependent on quick turnaround times, while adhering to the highest quality standards. The digitalization process gives an explicit edge from the initial stage of the project. It is aimed at eliminating secondary activities and lets you focus on your primary processes. With core processes in the spotlight, you will be able to offer targeted services on scheduled time.

Working with Us

BIMhub believes in providing you with a one-stop solution in these times of relentless competition. Our BIMhub services include developing a construction project management tool customized to your specific needs. It will not only enable you to create 2D and 3D graphic images of your drawings, but will also streamline the information process across different departments. Our technology experts will equip you with the BIM technology that will work for you and will offer measurable results in less time. If you believe in delivering superior quality to your customers, BIMhub digitalization technology is what you need.

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BIM Benefits

The Digitalizer™ is a service that creates great flexibility and add value to Architects, offering the capability of generating BIM models for practically any type of early design phase materials.

The output files we deliver is highly visual and in full 3D and can be used on any PC with the Windows or Mac systems as well as on iPad and iPhone without having any CAD software installed.

The Digitalizer™ Services is also ideal for the digitalizing of existing buildings with the purpose of refurbishment or to run BIM based Facility Management.

We recommend Digitalizer™ Services for:

  • Architects
  • Facility Managers

Download the Sample Project for Digitalizer™ Services from the download center

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