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Virtual BIMmanager


The BIM platform allows a robust, high-resolution preview of the building developed from handmade draft or 2D digital files. With the help of BIM, an operator can develop interactive 2D and 3D virtual models that carry accurate details of the project. Being a highly sophisticated technology, the BIM project requires a qualified professional to supervise it.

Virtual BIMmanagerTM is a service that takes care of all BIM related tasks related to a construction project. Virtual BIMmanager assists the internal CAD team and helps coordinate, integrate and monitor all the levels of the project via the internet. Apart from deploying BIM as per the project requirements, Virtual BIMmanager performs the following tasks:

  • Integrating onsite workflow with project management
  • Objective decision making throughout the construction process
  • Training the workers and staff involved in a project as per the client requirements
  • Communicating with the members of the construction process and the client at every stage
  • Understanding of the process and the various needs of the teams involved right from the incubation stage
  • Researching and formulating methodologies to maximize the final output

How it works

Virtual BIMmanagerTM supervises the project from a remote location via the internet. He is involved in the project execution from the planning stage. He conducts the analysis of the client requirement and sets up a BIM project that suits the client's needs. After project installation, he acts as the administrator of the platform, regulating activities and communication across the network.

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