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Teamwork comes as a challenge while working with a highly dynamic technology, such as BIM, that allows information sharing across remote users. To this end, BIMmanagerTM provides teamwork solutions for your BIM project. It enables interaction between the various members of a construction project, such as engineers, architects, consultants, builders and clients. With the help of a traffic-free remote server, users are able to connect via an interactive interface. It facilitates the safe and secure exchange of data in a client-server networking model.

How it Works

Teamwork is facilitated by BIMmanagerTM, a premiere service to assist clients with construction projects employing the BIM technology. It functions on a client-server basis that regulates the flow of information within the system. One or more client machines are connected to a single server sharing various BIM applications across the network. This facilitates data sharing and speedy communication. The two prerequisites to setting up a teamwork project are:

  • Client application, and
  • A BIM server

Once the step-up is complete, various users can join the project and exchange data with other users. With a dedicated server, traffic is monitored and controlled to facilitate rapid data transfer.


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