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Although the real estate industry has experienced exponential growth, construction productivity continues to remain an area of concern for architects and engineers. In the past, several construction companies came up with tools to gauge the productivity of a construction project. However, a majority of these tools failed due to the lack of operational flexibility. In the absence of an effective tool to monitor the productivity matrix, providing an estimate for a construction project is a daunting task. Real estate companies have to face criticism for not being able to deliver the project as per the stipulated time.

With the advancement of the BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology, the productivity puzzle has been solved. This technology allows architects and engineers to track every bit of information from the initial stage. By analyzing this data through sophisticated tools, they can measure productivity with great precision.

How it Works

BIMmanagerTM provides an interface for open collaboration with enhanced tools and properties that increase the productivity of the project. It creates a database where information related to different phases of construction can be saved in different folders. Similar to a digital library system, architects and engineers can access this information to monitor the project status. This platform allows them to interact via a traffic-free server and exchange crucial data real time.

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