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Open Collaboration


Architectural masterpieces are end products of innovative design ideas executed with perfection. It is essential to have real-time interaction between the architects and engineers to execute the planned model in an accurate manner. BIMmanagerTM services eliminate these challenges by providing an open collaboration platform for data exchange between the architects and the engineers. Open collaboration is an online forum for the BIM-based construction project that helps bridge the gap between architects and engineers.

How it works

BIMmanagerTM provides an interface that facilitates online interaction among various teams at all levels of the construction process. Allowing data exchange in large volumes, it enables sharing of CAD files across the network. Open collaboration enables model mapping and element classification, which develops a smooth flow between the architects and design engineers. It also aids in adhering to the IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) standards while constructing physical structure from virtual prototype. Architects can analyze construction details to eliminate any discrepancies and suggest design modifications to onsite engineers.

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