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The Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology has empowered architects and builders with digital tools to carry out a construction project. Considered as the leading innovation in the construction industry, BIM facilitates the development of virtual prototypes with extensive detailing, such as exact contours, shapes, angles, accurate dimensions and data rich objects. The emergence of this new technology and process reflects the need for a professional who can handle supporting equipment and manage people who lack the expertise necessary to extract information through the BIM technology.

How It Works

For a successful construction project, it is crucial to cut overhead expenses and maximize ROI, without compromising on the quality of work. BIMmanagerTM assists you to do exactly that. Supervising the flow of information across different phases, BIM manager acts as the point of contact for different participants in the construction process.

The range of services available with BIMmanagerTM includes:

  • Virtual BIMmanagerTM
  • Open collaboration
  • Productivity
  • Teamwork


Your project is handled by a highly qualified and professional BIM manager, with expertise in CAD and workflow management. He coordinates the entire project from inception to installation with speed and efficiency.  With advance technological support and access to a wide range of data, he ensures quick turnaround times. Virtual BIMmanagerTM technology permits you to correspond with your BIM manager through the internet.

Your Edge

BIMmanagerTM services add an extra edge to your construction project. The experience and skills of a BIM manager get translated into:

  • Simplified collaboration across all design disciplines
  • Integration of all stages of the construction process
  • Smooth transition between different stages
  • Ability to assess risk and devise troubleshooting mechanisms
  • Assistance with CAD tools and BIM platform
  • Formulation of strategies and methodologies
  • Facilitated communication throughout the chain of the process
  • Integration of IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) standards
  • High focus on quality deliverables at every stage

Working with Us

BIMhubTM offers BIMmanagerTM services for the simplification of your construction process. With the expertise and experience of a qualified BIM manager, it becomes easier for you to convert drafts to CAD formats and then embed them in the BIM platform. His technical know-how and management skills together increase the efficiency of the project, which results in increased ROI and operational agility. BIMmanager offers you the following:

  • Highly qualified BIM managers who are good with both software and people
  • Customization as per the requirements of your project
  • Cost-cutting as a result of our highly competitive prices
  • 24x7x365 assistance and support

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