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Technological advancements, like Computer Aided Drafting (CAD), have empowered operations across the globe. CAD technology has emerged as a boon for engineers and architects. Coupled with 3D conversion, it has played an eminent role in the construction of the modern day's architectural masterpieces. Contrary to the traditional approach to building construction, this technology has enabled the creation of virtual building models based on exact specifications. This process has increased operational efficiency and reduced turnaround time for a construction project. The real estate market has benefited immensely from the flexibility and efficiency that CAD brings into the building sector.

How it Works

Advancing the digital revolution in the construction sector towards the next paradigm, architects and engineers are deploying the Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology. Offering highly developed tools for planning and management, BIM provides comprehensive information of the building process, designing stages and its functional and physical characteristics.

3DconvertTM services are an integral part of the BIM technology. Powered by advanced software, 3Dconvert allows BIM to achieve highly interactive capabilities with high-scale digital representations of building designs.


BIMhubTM, a premier service for the construction industry, offers comprehensive solutions covering every aspect of the building construction process. 3DconvertTM services offered by BIMhub include:

2D CAD files converted to 3D models: Computer based 2D designs lack specifications and accuracy in terms of detailing. Converting them to 3D models provides a detailed view of the building design.

2D drawings to Virtual Buildings: Converting 2D drawings to high-resolution virtual 3D buildings facilitates the construction process. It provides a detailed view of different components of the building.

SketchUp to BIM model: For architects, who prefer Google SketchUp, we offer high quality conversion to the BIM-supported format.

Sketches to 3D models and animation: Here, 2D building sketches and plans are converted to 3D models and animation, enabling a better understanding of the design.

Your Edge

3DconvertTM services offer a shared information resource platform covering the entire data related to the structure being built. Access to a large pool of information helps to strategize construction in an organized manner. BIM assists engineers and architects by offering crucial information at the following levels.

Design: It presents critical information about the schedule, design and most importantly budget information during the designing phase.

Management: In the management phase, it provides financial information, along with data on utilization and performance.

Construction: During the construction phase information related to cost, quality and schedule is made available.

Working with Us

BIMhubTM offers high quality services that aim to enhance the efficiency of the construction sector. Powered by the latest technology, our pool of 3D experts provides turnkey solutions for your building projects. We guarantee a high level of detail and quality in the development of 3D designs for your project. Our range of services includes developing a fully customized BIM platform to suit your construction needs. We take pride in:

  • Providing expert consultation on your project needs.
  • Offering 24x7 support.
  • Going the extra mile to tailor our services to your requirements.

Arya-250x275-A.jpgARYA RESIDENCES: A standout in Manila's skyline, the Arya Residences is the Philippines' first high-rise residential development aiming for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold Certification. This two-tower, 80,000 sq. m. complex found in the growing business district of Bonifacio Global City in the Philippines has a North-South building orientation to maximize wind direction, and has strategically-placed balconies to minimize the entry of heat into individual units. Two features further exemplify the project's commitment to green living: The Plaza, an elevated retail area under a majestic glass canopy (reminiscent of alfresco dining experiences in Europe), and The Terrace, a landscaped amenity area located between the two towers."


3Dconvert™ is best utilized for converting design projects and engineering work to BIM models. The BIM model is then the central place for information as a project is developed for the actual construction of the building.
The 3Dconvert™ Services can also be utilized for the purpose of preparing BIM models from 2D CAD files for the purpose of BIM based Facility Mangement.

We recommend 3Dconvert™ Services for:

  • Architects
  • Structural and MEP Engineers
  • Facility Managers

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