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Construct Buildings as they are designed

BIM Services for the entire life cycle of buildings

BIMhub™ Services is a solution for architects, engineers and contractors all together. With our services we make it possible for consultants to create design-built projects in order for contractors to build-as-designed.

Aiding the building process is just one strand of thought. BIMhub™ is also responsible for the postproduction management of a facility. Through TrueFM™ it also manages the maintenance of a facility after construction. It helps determine the time scale determined shortcomings so that a building remains an asset. Facility management provided by BIMhub™ is an escape from stacks of documents and hand written time plans that need to be looked at for frequent supervision.

BIMhub™ with all its different uses is a supremely useful tool in AEC Services that deals with creation, depreciation, amortization and maintenance.

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